Peer P.A.L.S.® - Playing and Learning Socially


Hope Center

District Administration


I volunteered to be a Peer Pal during the summer when I was younger. My entire experience as a Peer Pal was eye-opening and, to this day, has molded how I think of special needs individuals.
The volunteering experience gave me knowledge and understanding of others. Specifically, it helped me better understand children with Autism and how special they are, their day-to-day challenges, and how I can positively impact their day. It taught me to be accepting of everyone, no matter the circumstances.
I genuinely believe it has made me a more compassionate person and that this program should continue to exist. I believe it positively impacts the volunteer and the child attending the camp.

– Juliano Garzia

We have included several testimonials from past Peer P.A.L.S program participants. We have endorsements from Peer P.A.L.S, administrators, teachers, and parents of students who were in the program. We are thrilled to share the successful outcomes of the Peer P.A.L.S. program.