Peer P.A.L.S.® - Playing and Learning Socially

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)
What is Peer P.A.L.S?

Peer P.A.L.S. represents an innovative, visually-oriented online initiative tailored for children with autism, designed to impart crucial life skills through interactive social learning experiences. This paradigm shift centers on equipping staff and their non-autistic counterparts (Peer Pals) with the tools to forge meaningful connections with autistic children, designed to take the pressure and the demands off teachers and children with autism. The training fosters an inclusive environment, dispelling preconceived notions, and nurturing a profound appreciation for autistic individuals. A comprehensive array of curated lessons, engaging animated videos, effective strategies, and thorough training resources, facilitates this transformative journey.

Who is this program for?

Educators and therapists working with children with autism.

What makes Peer P.A.L.S. different than other programs for children with autism?

The success of our program lies in a paradigm shift, centered on providing both staff and their non-autistic counterparts (Peer Pals) with the tools to foster profound connections with autistic children. This approach alleviates the pressure and demands traditionally placed on teachers and children with autism. By adopting this method, we empower staff and peer pals with the essential skills to nurture understanding, compassion, and ultimately, success. Through the implementation of a peer model, our program actively facilitates heightened social interaction and creates an environment ripe with opportunities for success for children with autism. This in turn fosters a community of fervent advocates for autism awareness, led by our dedicated Peer P.A.L.S.

In addition to our visually-oriented online program, we provide the convenience of pre-designed lessons, relieving you of the task of creating them from scratch and saving you precious time. Furthermore, we have crafted assessments and user-friendly data collection spreadsheets at your disposal, ensuring seamless tracking of your progress. Since all training components of the program are online, there are no travel or consultant expenses necessary. Also, our animated video modules are conveniently designed to fit into a school day without Peer Pals losing academic time.

Can anyone buy this program?

Peer P.A.L.S. is intended to be for schools, agencies, and groups that serve children with autism.

I don’t live in the United States, can I buy it?

At this time, Peer P.A.L.S. is only available in English, but is available to everyone.

What age group is the program best suited for?

Peer P.A.L.S is best suited for pre-k to elementary school children. We have found the best age for being a Peer P.A.L.S is 4th grade and older.

Is it ok to have peers older than elementary-school age?

Yes, many older teens that want to volunteer make great Peer P.A.L.S. too.

I need to use an evidence-based program (EBP). Is this an EBP?

Yes, Peer P.A.L.S. uses several evidence programs including: Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention (PMII), Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and Technology Aided Instruction (TAI) to name a few. For more information, go to the Research tab on the website to see the full list.

How does Peer P.A.L.S. meet the requirements for a highly effective program?

Please see our Research tab for our qualifications.

I am applying for a grant to purchase Peer P.A.L.S., can you provide me with the basic information I’ll need?

Yes, to make filling out your grant easier, please email and we can email you our information sheet that contains helpful information when filling out your grant. Peer P.A.L.S. does not offer grants, but we have listed many details to help you fill out your own grant.

Could you share some funding ideas with me?

We have found that schools and agencies have success asking for donations from parents and community businesses. Some schools/agencies will charge fees for materials for peer pals and students.

How do I customize to meet my school's needs?

One of the benefits of the program is that it’s totally customizable. You are able to choose the components and time frame that work best for you.

How do I buy this program?

Click the treasure chest on the website to purchase the program.

I have questions, who do I contact?You can contact Carly Aguilar (Director of Marketing and Business Development) at with any questions.

I purchased the program, where do I start?

Once you purchase the program, your username and password will be emailed to you. Click the log in tab on the website and enter your information. You will now have access to your Navigator Guide. You can start with the introduction section and systemically work your way through the Navigator guide. The Navigator Guide gives you access to everything you need to run the program and how to do it. You can download all printable materials. Videos must be viewed online and are not downloadable.

We have been using a consultant to provide autism training, can we use this program instead?

Yes, no need to hire expensive consultants. Your staff can watch the training videos and become competent in supporting individuals with autism.

Is there any support provided by the program?

When you purchase the program, we will set up a zoom meeting to help you customize your program to fit your needs. You will get a free hour with the creator Alanna Apap, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, to get you started with tips and advice to have a successful start. You will get another free hour of consultation time with Alanna when you are further into the program to give feedback, ask questions, and voice concerns.

In the take a peek section, you can get a feel for the program overview by watching previews of our online Peer P.A.L.S. training modules.