Peer P.A.L.S.® - Playing and Learning Socially


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Price subject to change and subscription is for 1 year Online Peer P.A.L.S. Program.

Purchase of the PEER P.A.L.S. Program is intended for schools and summer camps or other agencies who serve children with autism spectrum disorder in pre-k through elementary grades.

This peer mediated training is 8 to 12 weeks and teaches children in 4th grade and higher to become Peer PALS that are utilized for the remainder of the year. Supporting adults may also attend training.

The program requires a coordinator to oversee facilitators, provide supplies and print outs, and maintain overall program fidelity.

Facilitators are provided access to the online training and coordinated activity challenges.

Facilitators include general education and exceptional student education teachers, guidance counselors, speech therapists, mental health counselors.

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